Recreate Restaurant Dishes at Home

in about 20 minutes

How Din Works

We feature the best dishes from top restaurants.

Our menu changes weekly based upon seasons and restaurant partnerships. Meals will stay fresh in your fridge for 2–4 days depending on ingredients.

You select from our menu.

Menu options are based upon availability from our restaurant partners.

You select a delivery window.

We currently deliver Monday through Friday.

location delivery price
SF Bay Area 1–5pm $6.99
San Francisco 1–5pm $4.99
San Francisco 6–8pm $6.99
San Francisco 6–7pm $8.99
San Francisco 7–8pm $8.99

We deliver prepared ingredients to your door.

You will receive a text message when your delivery is en route.

You cook an incredible meal in about 20–30 minutes.

Gather around the table with your loved ones to share stories of your day.

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